Hello, I'm Layna!

This artblog is where I post some of my artworks, mostly fanarts.

Fandoms you will often see are from Dragon Nest and Hetalia. Please bear in mind that I don't tolorate art theft. You may post my artworks elsewhere as long as you link it back to me. You may not edit or claim the artworks as yours. thank you.

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My contribution to the VFX protest. more information, click here

I myself am not a VFX artist. But I AM an artist, and studying art. I tried matte painting before. it ISN’T EASY (and mind you, that was just ONE picture). I know many of my dear friends, college-mates and just people that study/work with VFX. I don’t usually the protest type but this makes me very furious. You abused artists, and demoralizing us to suit your needs. (and nobody, NOBODY hurts my friends. Don’t you even DARE) That’s not cool. Art industry is hard enough as it is. 

without the blood and sweat of these great people, magic on screen will never be possible. 

sorry for my english and art.

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